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Kasthuri Hospital | About Us

About Us

The founder of the Hospital Dr.Chitra, MBBS, Sono Specialist basically envisioned the Hospital as a quality & Health Care Centre.

Kasthuri Hospital - Cure & Care Beyond Compare

The last decade has seen the hospital evolve into a full-fledged 100 bedded multi speciality hospital with practically every discipline and speciality in medicine.Well equipped with a team of Doctors, Trained Nurses, Caring Staff, Specialists, consultants, Lab Technicians and not to mention the latest state of the art equipment,the Hospital is at par both in terms of Medical Care and facilities with any big Hospital in the city. This metamorphosis has largely been made possible due to the dedication and vision'of Dr,Chitra and the philanthropic background of her family who had stood by her in her mission. A hospital in the vicinity which you can access in times of need is also today an answer to old practice of a family GP,who often played the role of an extended family.

The affairs of the Hospital Kasthuri Hospital are soundly managed and diligently handled by its medical superintendent, Dr,Amit, an eminent anesthetist  Dr,Amit, is a thorough, dedicated workaholic, ready to attend to medical requirements of patients round the clock in any emergency.An able caretaker with an eye for detail, Dr,Amit has played a dominant role in the shaping of the Hospital into what it is today.

Today,Kasthuri Hospital is fully equipped with all departments, major and minor theatres, pharmacy,labs,radiology,24 hrs trauma care, 24hrs toxicology, ICCU, 24 hrs ambulance services etc.

Kasthuri Hospital has also some of the best consultants in the country handling all critical departments. Of special mention here is its OG Department, that offers full comprehensive and advanced care right from the date of inception and continues to be the preferred destination to a multitude of patients in that area.

Kasthuri Hospital is all poised to cross many more milestones in its pursuit of providing quality and immediate Health care to people in ther near vicinity.

To ensure efficient medical care to all sections of the society in their vicinity,
without having to travel long distances,

To ensure that Best Medical Care through Kasthuri Clinics is available to every village
and town of TamilNadu at rates which are truly affordable by the common man,